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Hell's Belles: An Infernal Musical Review at the West End Theatre
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Hell's Belles: An Infernal Musical Review at the West End Theatre

- Backstage with the Playwrights

Tweiss Productions Presents:

Hell’s Belles
An Infernal Musical Review
At the
West End Theatre at Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew
263 West 86th St.

Book & Lyrics by Bryan D. Ley
Music by Steve Liebman
Directed by John Znidarsic
Featuring: Laura Daniel, Alicia Sable,
Deborah Radloff, Omri Schein

Scenic Design: Craig M. Napollello
Costume Design: Gale Cooper-Hecht
Lighting Design: Anjeanette Stokes
Musical Direction: Elaina Cope
Stage Manager: D. C. Rosenberg
Associate Producer: David Flora

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 25, 2008

If you ever feared a future in Hell, this is the show to see. In Hell’s Belles, “all the right people (women) are here”, or so the song goes. For example, Ma Parker with her guns, Janis Joplin with her drugs, Lady Godiva with her horse, Lizzie Borden with her axe, and there’s even a devil, Lester, who hosts the fiery hot ensemble in song, dance, mime, and humor. Bryan D. Leys and Steve Liebman have written a review, with songs that capture the imagination and bawdy humor of this delightful and entertaining show. Instead of the hyped microphones found in so many musicals today, there’s a single pianist, Elaina Cope, who dresses the part, with a sexy dress, and stands now and then to emphasize the lyrics and tempo.

Laura Daniel, Alicia Sable, and Deborah Radloff take turns in fancy, flashy, frivolous, fashionable costumes, parading in ones and twos, flirting with Omri Schein, Lester the devil, and reminiscing in delicious historical anecdotes as to how and why they are dancing in Hell. All four young actors are artists to watch, with presence, poise, and pizzazz. John Znidarsic has directed the show with a furious, yet uncluttered pace. Ironically, the West End Theatre is in a church, making the dark humor ever so thicker. If you like Salome and the “Hoochie Koochie”, then Hell’s Belles is the show for a night of fun and foolery.

Omri Schein as Lester
Hell's Belles
Photo Courtesy of Kat Martin

Laura Daniel as Judy Garland
Hell's Belles
Photo Courtesy of Kat Martin

Alicia Sable as Guenevere
Hell's Belles
Photo Courtesy of Kat Martin

Laura Daniel, Elaina Cope,
Omri Schein, Alicia Sable, Debra Radloff
Photo Courtesy of Eileen Weiss

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