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"Pinkalicious, The Musical" at New World Stages
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"Pinkalicious, The Musical" at New World Stages

- Backstage with the Playwrights: Arts and Education

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Vital Theatre Company
Stephen Sunderlin, Artistic Director
Linda Ames Key, Education Director
Mary Kate Burke, Assoc. Producer

Pinkalicious, The Musical
(Pinkalicious, The Musical Website)

Book & Lyrics by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann
Music & Lyrics by John Gregor
Directed Teresa K. Pond
Now At 45 Bleecker at Lafayette Street
Beginning Sat. 11/1 Saturdays & Sundays at 1pm
All tickets are $29.50
Or call telecharge at 212.239.6200

Featuring: Marc De La Concha, Molly Gilman
Nathaniel Timmerman, Rori Nogee, Erin Wegner Brooks

Set Design: Mary Hamrick
Props: Dan ZS Jagendorf, Kerry McGuire
Costume Design: Colleen Kesterson, Randi Fowler
Choreography: Dax Valdes
Musical Direction: Jad Bernardo
Casting: Bob Cline
Company Manager: Cadien Dumas
Children’s Theatre Associate: Sabrina Jacob
General Manager: Kerry McGuire
Press: Sun Productions
Stage Manager: Leah McVeigh
Production Stage Manager: Kara Teolis

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
September 21, 2008

There’s nothing more warming than watching a child take pleasure from good children’s theatre. As a former early childhood educator, I look for emotional engagement, simplicity of the action, clear delivery, and child-appropriate themes. Pinkalicious, The Musical had all that and more. I was accompanied today by my five-year old niece, to whom I had given both Pinkalicious and Purplicious children’s books, by Elizabeth Kann (author) and Victoria Kann (illustrator), and my brother was with us too. We all loved the show, and Camille, 5, did not want to leave without meeting the cast (see photos below). The sets kept changing, the props and décor were large, colorful, and fanciful, and they replicated rooms in Pinkalicious’ home, plus a cute doctor's office.

Pinkalicious is a little girl who loves pink – pink clothes, furniture, shoes, and especially pink cupcakes. Rori Nogee, an adult performer, as are all the actors in the cast, did not over-act in a silly style or speak in childlike tones. Rather, the stage direction, the story’s theme, and her innate talent allowed Ms. Nogee to assume the role of Pinkalicious in an ingénue, endearing way. She was a natural, as she reached for the “out of the way” pink cupcakes, finally turning her skin and hair to a bright pinkish red, a case of “Pinkitis”, diagnosed by Dr. Wink (Molly Gilman). Ms. Gilman, too, was charismatic and charming, always grabbing the children’s attention with energetic delivery and choreographed motion. Dr. Wink prescribes eating “green”, and so much for “Pinkitis”, until other family members reveal their obsession with pink.

Pinkalicious’ mother, Mrs. Pinkerton, is played by Erin Wegner Brooks, who hams it up for the parents, as well as the kids. We all laughed at her yoga breathing exercises, which she often used to relieve stress, on one leg. Mr. Pinkerton (Nathaniel Timmerman) was also energized and effective in maintaining the children’s attention and imagination. Often the actors would talk to the audience, ask where the cupcakes are, ask where one of the characters is. It’s a device that works. The kids were enthusiastically involved. The remaining character, Peter (Marc De La Concha), Pinkalicious’ brother, was hilarious, especially in entertaining the parents and adults. He scampered about in short pants, holding a piece of blanket and a tiny stuffed rabbit. He was all smiles and really knew how to entertain. Molly Gilman also doubles as Alison, Pinkalicious’ sassy friend.

Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann should immediately bring Purplicious to the stage, and keep writing books for reading and live theatre, as they have a huge hit on their hands in Pinkalicious, The Musical. John Gregor wrote the show’s songs, and Dax Valdes is the show’s choreographer. Together they kept the momentum seamless and sensational. The music is “hummable”, and the rhythms are contagious. The choreography was filled with pulse and pizzazz. Children learn to read, write, and speak fluently, when they are exposed to meaningful dialogues, both listening and speaking. Vital Theatre Company succeeds in expanding learning skills and in entertaining kids and adults. Vital Theatre Company produces other children’s theatre as well. Click here to see their schedule and purchase tickets.

Molly Gilman (Dr. Wink), Rori Nogee (Pinkalicious)
Courtesy of Sun Productions

Molly Gilman, Nathaniel Timmerman
Rori Nogee, Marc De La Concha, Lindsie Van Winkle
Courtesy of Sun Productions

Rori Nogee, Lindsie Van Winkle (Mrs. Pinkerton),
Marc De La Concha (Peter), Nathaniel Timmerman (Mr. Pinkerton)
Courtesy of Sun Productions

Marc De La Concha & Rori Nogee
Courtesy of Sun Productions

Camille and Nathaniel Timmerman
Courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Camille and Erin Wegner Brooks
Courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Camille, Erin Wegner Brooks, Marc De La Concha
Courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Camille and Molly Gilman
Courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Camille and Rori Nogee
Courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Camille in Her Pinkalicious Shirt, Pink Tap Shoes, and Pink Tap Pants
Courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Camille in Her Pinkalicious Shirt, Pink Tap Shoes,
Pink Tap Pants, and Pink Fairy Costume
Courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

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