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The Freedom Toast Presents "Political Idol" – Updated II, at The Triad
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The Freedom Toast Presents "Political Idol" – Updated II, at The Triad

- Backstage with the Playwrights

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The Freedom Toast
Political Idol – Updated II
The Triad Theater, NYC
158 West 72nd Street
NY, NY 10023
(Triad Website)
Written by Robert Yarnall
Directed by Julie Blanciak
Lyrics by Marc Emory and Robert Yarnall

Lara Buck as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Huckabee,
Laura Bush, Charo, Sarah Palin, Cindy McCain

Enga Davis as Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice,
Al Sharpton, Robertson Choirgirl, Tina Turner

Joe DiSalle as Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, Mitt Romney, Al Gore,
Dick Cheney, Pat Robertson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Kerry

Robert Yarnall as Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, John Edwards,
George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ricky Martin, Robertson Choirboy

Frank Harts as Barack Obama, Clarence Thomas, Charlie Rangel,
James Carville, Mr. Jones, Maya Angelou

Music Direction: Chris Berg
Costume and Wig Design: Kat Martin, Vesta Goodarz
Stage Manager: Tonya Pierre
Choreography: Lara Buck
Production Assistants: Jolynn Carpenter, Meei-Jiuan Kuan
General Manager: Olson Rohdes
Press Representative: Peter Cromarty

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
October 30, 2008

(See the March 16, 2008 Review)

Just in time, Political Idol, the marvelous political comedy review, with hilarious lyrics sung to show tunes, arrived back at Triad, for a few pre-election performances. This was my third Political Idol performance, as it’s been updated twice, to keep up with the new political characters on the scene. In this production, Frank Harts joined the original quartet, so Enga Davis could play Michelle Obama, instead of Barack. Frank Harts was a cool, smooth Obama, in sunglasses and muscles. He also donned a robe and wig as Clarence Thomas, then a dress for Maya Angelou. Ms. Davis also cross-dressed, as she’s a dead-on Al Sharpton, with mustache and bravura. She dons a stiff wig for Condoleezza Rice and a different outfit and attitude for Michelle Obama.

Lara Buck, who was and still is a superb Hillary Clinton and an amazing look-alike Laura Bush, added Sarah Palin to the show, and her pulled back hair and Alaskan accent were right on the mark. As Nancy Pelosi, Ms. Buck was wide-eyed with a glassy gaze, while as Mike Huckabee, she wore tight pants and a folksy posture. Joe DiSalle added Joe Biden to this show, and his aggressive, talkative style delighted the crowd. As ever, his strongest roles remain Al Gore and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he switched wigs and props to play eight different characters with just moments in between. These are true character actors. Robert Yarnall, who wrote the show and co-wrote the lyrics, was the essence of John McCain, hand gestures, accent, and all, and even joined Enga Davis and Joe DiSalle for a Pat Robertson trio in “Evolution”.

Other songs (there were 20) included “West Wing Story”, “Lovin’ Barack Obama”, “Economic Boo-Boo”, “Rove!”, “Guys and Guys”, and “Hand on the Gavel”. Vesta Goodarz and Kat Martin designed costumes and wigs, and the show’s success depended on their ingenuity and ability to create the iconic looks of each of the 34 characters. Kudos to the show’s Creator, Robert Yarnall, its Director, Julie Blanciak, Lyricist, Marc Emory, and the entire cast and staff of The Freedom Toast’s Political Idol. I will miss this show and will have to rely on the actual political characters that inhabit our media as events unfold. Their antics will serve as fodder for Political Idol Updated III.

Frank Harts as Barack Obama
Courtesy of Jonathan Conklin

Joe DiSalle as Joe Biden, Enga Davis as Michelle Obama,
Frank Harts as Barack Obama, Robert Yarnall as John McCain,
Lara Buck as Sarah Palin
Courtesy of Olson Rohdes

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