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Eliane Amherd: Now and From Now On

- CD Reviews

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New York, NY 10023

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Eliane Amherd: Now and From Now On

Eliane Amherd on Voice and Guitar
Bill Ware on Vibes
Gustavo Amarante on Bass
Willard Dyson on Drums
Ze Mauricio on Percussion


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 27, 2014

Music, Lyrics, arrangements by Eliane Amherd.
Temptation by Tom Waits.

This CD is a selection of original compositions by Eliane Amherd, on voice and guitar. Ms. Amherd is joined by Bill Ware on vibes, Gustavo Amarante on bass, Willard Dyson on drums, and Ze Mauricio on percussion. Some of the pieces evoke tropical islands, while others are midnight, New York, with contemporary urban rhythms. With each song’s lyrics fully copied onto liner notes, you can sing right along. Some lyrics, in German or Portuguese, celebrate Eliane’s cultural heritage and education. One track, “Temptation”, is by Tom Waits.

Notable tracks:

#3 – Me Fe Tan Pliji – This tropical Brazilian-styled tune, with whistling, guitar, percussion, vibes, bass, and muted drums, has gorgeous South of the Border tonality. Ms. Amherd immediately presents warm, engaging vocalizations, that roll with the repetitive, rich rhythms. The guitar strings stretch for enchanting ornamental effects.

#4 – Don’t Give Up On Me – Drums, guitar, bass, and vocals are featured here on a pristine, uncluttered track that showcases Ms. Amherd’s lovely composition. Poignant lyrics flow, such as “don’t you give up on me and I promise I’ll be fine…” Most of the album’s songs are written about relationships, even one with herself, that follows.

#5 – Feel a Little Sorry for Yourself – This tropical tune, that sounds like a melody at an island, oceanfront bar, has lyrics about treating yourself to “cocktail hour from 3 to 11”, and more. It’s upbeat, refreshing, and authentic. Vibes and guitar are spotlighted, with syncopated percussive support. There’s a pleasant, unhurried element to each track.

#11 – Batucada – This very Brazilian-styled piece, with exotic, vocal and guitar effects, has unadorned lyrics of the album title, “Now and from now on”, for an inspirational message to rejuvenate and recreate. This album ends on a high note, literally, and in a party mood.

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