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BalaSole Dance Company Presents "Idioms" at The Ailey Citigroup Theater
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BalaSole Dance Company Presents "Idioms" at The Ailey Citigroup Theater

- Onstage with the Dancers

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BalaSole Dance Company

Roberto Villanueva, Exec. & Artistic Director


The Ailey Citigroup Theater
(Ailey Theater Web Page)


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 25, 2014

Chapter 11: Choreography and Performance: The Company, Music: Max Richter, Antonio Vivaldi.
Who Are Those Ugly Ladies in the Mirror?: Choreography and Performance: Marion Helfenstein, Music: René Aubry.
3.26.06: Choreography and Performance: Trashina Connor, , Music: Anthony Hamilton.
Memories: Choreography and Performance: Jonathan Breton, Music: Ezio Bosso & Ezio Bosso Trio.
Past and Pending: Choreography and Performance: Ashley Peters, Music: Outside.
It’s Possible: Choreography and Performance: Paulina Bracone, Music: Hans Zimmer/Vocals: Eric Thomas, Les Brown.
Changó: Choreography and Performance; Hunter Frederick Houde, Music: Lázaro Ross, Grupo Abbilona.
Fireflies: Choreography and Performance: Christen Quattlebaum, Music: Chris Garneau.
What I Did with What You Left Me: Choreography and Performance: Tracy Singer, Music: Turner Layton, Etta James.
Message Send Failure: Choreography and Performance: Caroline Brethenoux, Music: Dustin O’Halloran.
Incomplete: Choreography and Performance: Roberto Villanueva, Music: Milos Karadaglic.
To Be Determined: Choreography and Performance: The Company, Music: Max Richter, Antonio Vivaldi.

BalaSole Dance Company’s vision is to promote balance and diversity in the dance performance, as well as unique and differing choreography created by each performer. Every dancer is able to demonstrate creative and artistic potential. In tonight’s program, ten solo modern dances, created and performed by each of ten Company members, including Roberto Villanueva, BalaSole’s Executive and Artistic Director, were presented with a brief intermission. Mr. Villanueva, from the Philippines, is a freelance performer, in addition to directing BalaSole. He has also judged dance competitions, conducted dance residencies, and mentored artists throughout the US and beyond. He serves on faculties of dance academies and college dance departments and has received scholarships and grants. Mr. Villanueva is also certified in fitness and Pilates, as well as the ABT National Training Curriculum.

Most works were brief, but so individually stylized that each becomes an instant memory, a thought-provoking interaction. The intimacy of this Ailey Center space lends itself to a strong connection between stage and viewer. Each modern dance was performed by the choreographer. The first and last pieces, Chapter 11 and To Be Determined, were synchronized ensemble pieces, to music by Richter and Vivaldi, a mixed music montage. Mr. Villanueva personally greeted the audience twice, a gesture that enhanced the small space intimacy. The ten individual works included elements such as: using a chair as a fascinating prop (Helfenstein), telling of a life-changing date (Conner), yearning, reaching, memories (Breton), being a modern woman (Peters), twirling and athleticism (Bracone), thunderous dance with a tomahawk (Houde), exotic rhythms (Quattlebaum), romance and blues (Singer), emotional angst (Brethenoux), and Latin drama with expressiveness (Villanueva). Kudos to all.

Marion Helfenstein
Courtesy of Philip Gardner

Roberto Villanueva
Courtesy of Philip Gardner

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