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Bill Maher - Victory Begins at Home
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Bill Maher - Victory Begins at Home
- Backstage with the Playwrights

at the
Virginia Theatre
A Jujamcyn Theatre
245 West 52nd Street

Created, Written, and Performed by Bill Maher

Presented by
Eric Krebs, Jonathan Reinis, CTM Productions,
Anne Strickland Squadron, Michael Viner,
David and Adam Friedson, Allen Spivak/Larry Magid,
and M. Kilburg Reedy

Executive Producer, Sheila Griffiths
Scenic and Lighting Design, Peter R. Feuchtwanger
Sound Design, Jill B. C. DuBoff
Production Supervisor, PRF Productions
Press Representative, Bill Evans & Associates

May 4, 2003

Bill Maher
Photo by Charles William Bush/Design by Fraver

Bill Maher calls himself a comedian. Bill has appeared on late night television, Las Vegas, sitcoms, his own Comedy Central show, Politically Incorrect, which moved to ABC, and ended after a long 9 year run in 2002. Bill is also a novelist and has, in addition, compiled a book of 33 posters for the war on terror, which are inspired by the old World War II Posters from the 40's. His stand-up routine, set against large projections of these poignant and wry posters, was a touring show in the fall of 2002 and is now a Broadway show. Maher grew up in New Jersey and resides in Los Angeles.

If I were to retell Maher's jokes, I would ruin the surprise element and not be as sharp and perfectly timed as Maher is and always was. Suffice it to say I have always been a huge fan of Bill Maher, who sees through political spin and relationship pretenses and is so quick-witted and amazingly intelligent and articulate, with an endearing and adorable quality, that he can tell a joke in the first five minutes and then extrapolate its essence and allude to it over and over, in different ways, as the show progresses. Maher is a genius! This Sunday matinee performance just flew, as he took aim at the entire Bush family, oil executives, Republicans, Democrats, Catholic priests, Congress, the Clintons, Arab jewelers, Al Quaeda, the middle class, scientology, prostitutes, pop culture, drug dealers, race car drivers, Islam, virgins in the afterlife, marital fantasies, being single, Cuba, and God. Maher is not irreverent. Maher is illustrative and invigorating. He kept the intellectual energy flowing, like a dance of the mind.

After the show, which is performed with very few props and the creative posters as backdrop, the audience is invited to ask questions from 4 different microphones. Maher was respectful but ready with his one-liners, which were slightly longer than the 3-word political slogans he showcased in his act. This was a receptive and responsive audience. We loved Bill Maher, and he seemed to genuinely like to entertain and enlighten us.

I do not know how long this show will run, so get your ticket quickly for Bill Maher: Victory Begins at Home!!

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