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Hilliard Greene: Alone

- CD Review

CD Review

By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
October 21, 2003

Hilliard Greene: Alone

On Soulsearch Music
Hilliard Greene on Solo Bass
(Hilliard's Website)
(See Hilliard Greene Photos)

This is the third Hilliard Greene CD I have I my collection, and the first that is solo bass. The others were recorded with The Jazz Expressions on Bluejay Records ( I have heard Hill Greene perform on several occasions, both in concert and at informal venues. Hill has a unique interpretation of the possibilities of the bass, and this solo bass CD contains soulful, soothing music that resonates with folk culture of the American Heartland, Hill's heritage from Iowa, the South, and now New York. The themes are simple, the music complex.

Notable Tracks:

#1 – Home Health Aid – This piece has a skipping, youthful, and positive feel with a vibrant rhythm.

#2 – Bass Folk Song – Hill's use of the bow unearths deep, emotional power in this song.

#5 – Yoyogi – From his Yoyogi CD, this piece seems to blend American folklore and urban Jazz.

#8 – Samantha and Sluggo – Hill's bow seems to elicit a religious and existential quality to very evocative sounds.


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