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Rosa Antonelli - Pianist

- Classical and Cultural

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Music Performance Reviews

By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower

Piano Provided by Frank and Camille's Fine Pianos on 57th

Performed at The Argentine Consulate
12 West 56th Street, NY, NY 10019

October 9, 2003

Rosa Antonelli has toured the globe, including performances in Spain, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, and Argentina. Ms. Antonelli has been sponsored by government and cultural organizations and is a disciple of Roberto Caamano, Daisy de Luca, Rosalyn Tureck, and Rafael Puyanas. Ms. Antonelli won a Grand Prize at the 1984 and 1985 Piano Seminars in Rio de Janeiro. She also was awarded a degree of Superior Professor of Music with honors fro the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires. Ms. Antonelli presents lectures and seminars on piano technique and interpretation, was a piano professor at the National University of Buenos Aires, and is a piano professor at Adelphi University. (Antonelli Notes).


Floro Ugarte: Suite of My Land: Animado - Lento

Angel Lasala: Romancero

Alberto Ginastera: Two Argentinean Dances: Del Viejo Boyero - De la Moza Donosa Two American Preludes: Pastoral - Danza Criolla

Carlos Guastavino: Two Preludes: El Patio - El Sauce

Heitor Villa-Lobos: Valsa da Dor

Astor Piazzolla: Two Tangos: Milango del Angel - Chau Paris

Enrique Granados: Epilogue (Romantic Scenes) - Allegro de Concierto

Ms. Antonelli, on a Yamaha piano, was all elegance and grace. The performance room at The Argentine Consulate is a refined setting for a refined musician, and the hushed attitude of tonight's audience contrasted enormously with that of my recent visit to hear Dr. Nestor Kirchner, the charismatic President of Argentina, greet a throng of Argentinean New Yorkers.

The Ugarte pieces were melodic and romantic, played in a lovely and flowing manner. Ms. Antonelli, all in red, created an exquisitely romantic mood, with soaring melodies and effective dissonance. The Lasala piece was reminiscent of Satie, contemporary in motif, with playful repetitions. The four Ginastera pieces had contemporary passages reminiscent of Poulenc. Ms. Antonelli played in a smooth and soothing style, as well as with dynamic passion and pathos. Guastavino's Preludes, although 20th Century, had qualities of Chopin's similar compositions. Villa-Lobos' Valsa da Dor could have been danced onstage in a macabre and melancholy waltz, a haunting image of the traditional waltz.

I really enjoyed the two Piazzolla pieces, as those Tangos are so familiar and evocative to those of us familiar with his pieces for dance or concerts. In fact, last year, in this very Hall, Daniel Binelli and Polly Ferman performed Piazzolla pieces on piano and bandoneón, and Pablo Ziegler and his musicians performed Piazzolla pieces on piano, percussion, and bass in edgier, jazzier, more electrically tinged performances. Yet, tonight, Ms. Antonelli was able, on her own, to create the somatic sensation and dramatic dynamism of Piazzolla's unique creations. I have often danced Argentine Tango to both of these pieces, and Chau Paris has always been a favorite for listening to and for dancing Tangos.

Ms. Antonelli completed this most satisfying program with Granados works, with whispering, soft melodies, that possessed depth and texture. Kudos to Rosa Antonelli and The Argentine Consulate for this wonderful, solo piano concert.

Nurit, Gaston Rivero, Mallory (See Review of Gaston Rivero at Carnegie Hall)
Photo courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Maria Mercedes Sune of The Argentine Consulate, and Gaston Rivero
Photo courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Miriam Conti and Dr. Henri Delbeau
Photo courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Officials of The Argentine Consulate
Photo courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Rosa Antonelli
Photo courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

Rosa Antonelli and Husband
Photo courtesy of Roberta E. Zlokower

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