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Eddie Gómez & Mark Kramer: Art of the Heart

- CD Reviews

Eddie Gómez & Mark Kramer: Art of the Heart

Eddie Gómez on Bass
Mark Kramer on Piano

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 4, 2006

This CD is a lovely collection of romantic ballads perfect for togetherness or solitude. Gómez on bass and Kramer on piano are generous with showcasing each other’s versatile solos. This is a CD you will want to have readily available as the sun starts to set.

Notable tracks:

#2 –Moment to Moment – Composed by Mancini and Mercer. With a dramatic piano lead, this piece is moody and magical. Gómez takes the theme with a deep rapturous bass bow, while Kramer adds a contrasting and melodic interlude.

#5 –Hello Young Lovers – Composed by Rodgers and Hammerstein. With fused jazz and ballad, Gómez leads with his bow and later switches to a more contemporary style. Kramer gives the listener an original jazz interpretation with inspired shifts in rhythm and tone.

#7 –Smile – Composed by Charles Chaplin. In a soulful rendition of a melancholy standard, Kramer and Gómez take turns with theme and accompaniment. The loveliest section has Kramer on the theme with Gómez in rapid string fingering, followed by soft, sensitive solo piano, like elusive raindrops in air.

#12 –I’ll Be Seeing You – Composed by Kahal and Fain. Gómez leads on bow with Kramer adding dissonant takes for an exotic twist. Kramer ends this bluesy ballad on solo piano.

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