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Binelli*Ferman*Isaac: New Tango Vision

- CD Reviews

Binelli*Ferman*Isaac: New Tango Vision
2006 Industria Argentina

Daniel Binelli on Bandoneón
Polly Ferman on Piano
Eduardo Isaac on Guitar

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
December 17, 2006

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This CD is a collection of mostly Astor Piazzolla contemporary, Argentine tango concert pieces, plus music by Daniel Binelli, Nestor Marconi, Carlos Aguirre, and Mariano Mores. For purposes of this review, I will focus on the Piazzolla interpretations, so dramatic and infused with pathos, passion, and power. In fact, these are some of the most mesmerizing arrangements of Piazzolla’s refined music ever heard. Argentinean Daniel Binelli, a former member of Piazzolla’s Sextet, plays bandoneón from the gut, with every ounce of nerve and emotion he can muster. Uruguayan Pianist, Polly Ferman is a longtime musical partner of Binelli and has mastered his timing. Argentinean guitarist, Eduardo Isaac is a novel and exciting addition to this renowned duo. It was almost impossible to feature just four tracks, and Binelli’s compositions are edgy and Piazzolla-plus.

Notable tracks:

#2 – Verano Porteño – Composed by Astor Piazzolla. Binelli plays a long, atonal, and dramatic introduction to this “Summer” season portion of Piazzolla’s “Four Seasons”. After two minutes, Ferman joins on piano, and the two play as one. The electricity of the track is palpable.

#4 – Oblivion – Composed by Astor Piazzolla. This searing piano solo exudes sadness and isolation in a most gripping way. Ferman brings this renowned work to maximum potential, and one must listen to this track twice; once for the sheer piano technique and once for its impassioned eloquence.

#5 – Buenos Aires Hora Cero – Composed by Astor Piazzolla. The trio performs this surreal and moody composition after Binelli’s endless and soulful introduction. Isaac, on guitar, fills quiet passages with waterfalls of scintillating strings. The edgy surrealness builds to imagery of busy Buenos Aires, perhaps a tango club in the early morning hours.

#8 – Novitango – Composed by Astor Piazzolla. The duo of Ferman and Isaac seamlessly switch leads, as meandering melodies abound. Isaac, new to the New York tango concert scene, should be heard more, for his unique and enchanting improvisations.

BONUS - #12 - Anhelo y Misterio - Composed by Daniel Binelli. Performed by the trio, Ferman takes an over one minute piano lead, building to Binelli’s bandoneón entrance with repetitive chords. Soon, frenzied, soulful music finds room for Isaac’s guitar embellishments, but, clearly, the composer drives the mood in elongated, gripping chords. Eduardo Isaac intermittently engages the listener, but, when Ferman and Binelli join in duo, there are rapidly building tempos and volume, contrasting to the earlier, elongated motifs. A “milonga” (fast tango) develops, just before the trio’s finale flash.

Polly Ferman, Eduardo Isaac, Daniel Binelli
Photo courtesy of the Artists

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